Dive Sabah

  • Dive Sabah

    Dive Sabah
    Located in the northern portion of the Borneo Island, Sabah is considered as one of the member states of the Malaysian continent. The island is commonly known as the Land before the Wind because of its geographic location which makes it a typhoon prone area. Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah and was formerly known as Jesselton.

    The area is generally of mountainous terrain especially in the western parts. Sabah is home to the three highest mountains in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu being the highest mountain in South East Asia. The unique geographical features of the island, along with its climate conditions and topography, make it an attractive home to rich plant and animal diversity, as many different species thrive here.

  • Best Time to Dive

    The best time to truly experience diving in Sabah would be from the months of April up to October, as weather conditions and underwater visibility are at its best during those times. Sabah is well known around the world for being of the greatest diving areas around the globe as you get great value for your money if you choose to make Sabah your next holiday spot for experiencing diving. Kota Kinabalu, Semporna and Labuan are some of the popular places to go to for a unique diving experience, be it to sight some underwater creatures, go wreck diving or just visit the beauty that is the coral reef. There are other unique diving sports that you can discover in Sabah if you prefer a more private underwater experience.

  • Getting There and Around

    The best way to get to Sabah would be through its main gateway, Kota Kinabalu International airport and is nothing more than a short flight away especially if you are coming from another Asian country. Other countries such as New Zealand or Australia will have stop overs or connecting flights to KKIA, along with other countries. Once at the airport you can easily grab a taxi to get you to Sabah. Settling the specifics are usually handled by your accommodations, otherwise taking the public transportation to your destination will not be a difficult option.

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