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  • Sabah Dive Sites

    Sabah is the highlight of the Borneo island when it comes to experiencing beautiful clear waters and the ocean wonderland that resides in its depths. The diving experience here is absolutely breathtaking as many tourists come to experience the unique diving holiday at the Sabah dive sites. Each dive site has something to offer the tourist, be it in the identification of marine life or the mystery that shrouds venturing through an ocean wreck, Sabah offers exciting experiences for any kind of traveler.

  • 1. Baracuda Point


    This beautiful dive site is located just northeast of the Sipadan island and s a mere 2 to 3 minutes away. There are mild currents that run through the area and the dive depth is at 15 to 20 meters.

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  • 2. Clement Reef

    El Capitan

    Also known as the Clement Reef Seafans,is a dive site off the coast of Sabah that has an average depth of 17 meters and a maximum depth of 26 meters.

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  • 3.Crack Reef

    Crack Reef

    The crack reef gets it name from the huge crack that goes down more than 40 meters from the surface. It is a unique wall dive where divers can experience marine life that dwells in the cracks.

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  • 4.Crocodile Avenue

    Crocodile Avenue

    This dive site is full of amazing fish life and is popular among underwater photographers that specialize in macro photography.

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  • 5. Eel Garden

    Eel Garden

    Eel garden is one of the top dive destinations in Sabah. It has a gentle slope with mostly sandy bottom and small rocks.

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  • 6.Gorgonian Forest

    Gorgonian Forest

    The very highlight of this dive site is the magnificent formation of gorgonian fans. Gorgonian forest is one of the best sites in the region of Layang Layang.

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  • 7. Mandarin Valley

    Mandarin Valley

    A dive site for beginner and intermediate divers, Mandarin Valley has a gentle incline coral reef that descends down to 20 meters.

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  • 8.Mosquito Wreck

    Mosquito Wreck

    This ship wreck is once part of japan’s mosquito fleet (where it got its name) during World War II.

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  • 9. Ron Reef

    Ron Reef

    Ron Reef is popular for being a reef full with marine life. It has a good sea life, maybe it doesn’t have many huge fishes like in other dive sites, but you can say that it is one of the popular dive sites in Sabah that has the most colorful fish flock and has an interesting quality.

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  • 10. Shark’s Cave

    Shark’s Cave

    It was called Shark’s Cave for it has a huge pack of tunas and leopard sharks swimming around. Not so satisfied are we? Well, how about having lots of different sharks such as whitetip sharks, nurse sharks, grey reef sharks, and hammerhead sharks.

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  • 10. The Rock

    The Rock

    The Rock is an interesting dive site. Sighting a dolphin here is so usual, and occasionally finding of turtles is not really hard. It is located outside the Tunka Abdul Rahman Park.

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  • 10. The Valley

    The Valley

    The Valley has a quality of an outstanding dive site. It is different from you average everyday dive destination. It has a flat area with gentle slope and been homed by surgeon fish, sweetlips and groupers.

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