Barracuda point

  • Barracuda point

    This beautiful dive site is located just northeast of the Sipadan island and s a mere 2 to 3 minutes away. There are mild currents that run through the area and the dive depth is at 15 to 20 meters. The name of the location itself highlights its main attraction, the barracuda. There are a great number of Barracudas that lurk in the ocean depths of Barracuda point including the Sphyraena barracuda.

    Species of coral abuound the area s well as some Gymnangium gracilicaule, the stinging lace hydroids, the Comanthina schlegelii, the feather of stars, some soft coral, black coral and hard corals such as the Acropora and Montipora species. Visibility at this site is relatively poor at most 10 meters, yet it is well worth it when you can experience hundreds if not thousands of barracudas, up close and personal.

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