Eel Garden

  • Eel Garden

    Eel garden is one of the top dive destinations in Sabah. It has a gentle slope with mostly sandy bottom and small rocks. Well, it won’t be called eel garden if it has no hundreds of garden eels. Be fascinated with this group of garden eels that sticks out on the sandy floor. It is a perfect place for underwater macro photography.

    The entrée to the dive site is through boat. Eel garden is not only popular for being teemed by lots of garden eels but also for having an abundant marine life. This dive site has many frogfishes of different kind and colors such as blue, red and black one, coming out on the sea bed. Not only that, there are also giant mantis shrimp, blue ribbon eels, batfish and many other marine species to see.

    The best dive here is the night dive where other marine species come out from their hideouts.

    Location: Mabul Island, Sabah Malaysia
    Conditions: low
    Visibility: 5 to 20 meters
    Depth: up to 20 meters

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