Mandarin Valley

  • Mandarin Valley

    A dive site for beginner and intermediate divers, Mandarin Valley has a gentle incline coral reef that descends down to 20 meters. The main highlight here are not the beautiful corals nor the abundant marine fishes, but none other than the mandarin fishes which dances in the midst of the coral exhibiting their lively colors. If you want to see more of their hidden secrets, then you can jump in just before dusk to witness their mating time.

    There are lots of cuttlefish at the bottom of the reef and a troop of their squid cousins passing by. Between the coral and sponges you can see frogfish and scorpionfish entirely masked, but if you look closely you can see their beauty. But of course we don’t want to miss the beautiful sea horses lurking the vicinity and those cute little pipe fish that come in and out of the corals.

    Mandarin Valley became popular also for it has a relatively low profile and a productive list of critters that live here. It is one of the hidden secrets of Sabah.

    Location: Kapalai, Sabah
    Conditions: can be little choppy
    Visibility: 20 to 35 meters
    Depth: 8 to 20 meters

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