Shark’s Cave

  • Shark’s Cave

    It was called Shark’s Cave for it has a huge pack of tunas and leopard sharks swimming around. Not so satisfied are we? Well, how about having lots of different sharks such as whitetip sharks, nurse sharks, grey reef sharks, and hammerhead sharks.

    This dive site is not only popular for its shark fetish. But it is also favorable by other divers for it contains large pelagic fish, beautiful corals and interesting marine plants. The dive site is pretty deep, has a sandy ledge at about 30 meters down the wall. Here you can find soft corals, black corals, gorgonian and barrel sponges.

    Brace yourself with wonderful giant trevally or be taken aback by those gliding manta rays and eagle rays. The place is also teemed by a huge pack of jacks which forms a beautiful disco like ball in the middle of the ocean.

    There are also giant frogfish and green painted frogfish that stick to the wall. Find lobsters from the cracks in the wall; they do love to stare out. Be greeted by hundreds of butterfly fish swarm off the wall, and some big schools of white margin unicornfish circle the reef edge.

    A diving site where so much to see, it’s like there is no end to it. The best diving seasons are February to October.

    Location: Layang Layang, Sabah
    Conditions: gentle to moderate
    Visibility: 20 to 50 meters
    Depth: 5 to 40 meters

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