The Valley

  • The Valley

    The Valley has a quality of an outstanding dive site. It is different from you average everyday dive destination. It has a flat area with gentle slope and been homed by surgeon fish, sweetlips and groupers. Here you can also find lots of anemone patches with even a rare golden anemone, surely recommended for underwater photographers.

    The area is covered by flat coral garden that is being homed by turtles, snappers and squirrelfish. The overhangs are thickly surrounded by nudibrancs, flatworms and a variety of crustaceans. Some big fishes are also available here such as triggerfish, amber jacks, reef sharks and hammerhead sharks. The sandy patches are full of garden eels and ribbon eels.

    Hammerhead sharks are most present here during the season of April to May. It is a perfect location for underwater photography.

    Location: Layang Layang, Sabah
    Conditions: gentle
    Visibility: 20 to 30 meters
    Depth: 5 to 30 meters

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